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Let us facilitate your customer journey with intelligence and care. Our state-of-the art technological capabilities enable a secure, customer driven process that enhances your business.

NetTel USA, Inc. offers companies top-tier outsourcing solutions for customer service, back office operations, and financial recovery. Our New York-based, privately-owned company excels in creating strong connections between your business and customers through state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated, highly-trained team.

1st Party ARM: Custom Data-driven Programs
for Increasing Customer Retention and Recoveries

NetTel USA excels in providing superior First-Party Accounts Receivable Management services. Our custom data-driven programs are strategically crafted to optimize customer retention and recovery rates, ensuring that your business experiences an increase in overall financial returns while treating your customers with the utmost respect and care. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a wealth of industry expertise, we develop targeted approaches to meet your unique goals.

NetTel USA: 1st Party ARM

BPO Services: Solutions for Your
Customer Service and Back Office Operations

NetTel USA understands the critical importance of streamlined Customer Service and Back Office Operations for the success of any business. Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services are meticulously designed to provide end-to-end solutions that elevate positive customer interactions and backend processes. From managing customer queries to handling intricate back-office tasks, we ensure a seamless and efficient workflow, allowing your business to focus on its core competencies.

NetTel USA: BPO Services
Protecting Digital Data

We Take Your Data
Security Seriously.

Our top priority is to protect your sensitive information and ensure the privacy and safety of our clients’ data. We achieve this through robust security measures and cutting-edge technology.



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