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Offering the highest in customer service programs in a professional and courteous atmosphere is NetTel USA, Inc. “Trademark of Excellence”.

NetTel USA, Inc.’s campaign development is client sensitive and focuses on building a mutually beneficial relationship with all of our resources.

NetTel USA, Inc.’s offering of services includes but are not limited to:

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NetTel USA, Inc. will contact your new customer base to verify account information.
Give NetTel USA, Inc. your database and we will create appointments for your sales staff. We will provide you with face-to-face contact with the decision makers cultivating more business and increasing market share.
Upon contact of your customer, NetTel USA, Inc. will acquire pertinent information as decided by you. These calls can be tailored to meet specific needs. Find out how your customer perceives you, what factors are involved in the decision making process, what role your competition is playing in the marketplace and what services or goods you are currently missing.
Let us contact your existing customers to ensure compliance and to gain insight as to why they are leaving.
Turn "suspects" into prospects with NetTel USA, Inc.'s "Lead Generation" campaign. Working with the proper-targeted list source, NetTel USA, Inc.'s agents will generate leads tailored to your campaigns' specific requirements.
We can make your website truly interactive by "chatting" live or responding to customer e-mails.
Utilize your existing customers to promote for new goods or services. NetTel USA, Inc. will contact your consumers advising them of your new services/goods and generate leads for your sales staff.
We will get direct feedback from your customers as to the selling process and ease of doing business.
A call to politely remind a customer of a balance past due.
NetTel USA, Inc. can contact your new customers to verify information supplied or simply help them get started. We can also gather statistical information pertinent to your objective.
NetTel USA, Inc. will contact your new customer base to let them know you value their business and to see if any other services may be needed.
No matter what the need, NetTel USA, Inc. is exclusively dedicated and equipped to construct a stronger bridge between your organization, and your customers. Our success is only accomplished mutually with you!

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