NetTelusa, inc.

     NetTel USA, Inc. is led by hands-on ownership, along with directors and managers who have spent their entire careers in the client services industry. Our combined experience is a powerful resource; one we look forward to utilizing on your behalf.
Mr. Richard G. Doane - President

Mr. Doane has over 20 years experience in the collection industry. He has been on the Board of Directors for ACA International since 1996 and is a past president of the New York State Collectors Association. Mr. Doane is a nationally recognized trainer for the collection industry and speaks often at trade association meetings. He is responsible for all aspects of the company.
Mr. Joseph J. Vassar - Executive Vice President

Joe has been with collections and call centers since 1989. He was promoted to Vice President of collections in 1996, then owner in 2000. He has an extensive background in all aspects of the credit and collection process. His involvement in NetTel USA, Inc. does not end with the sales process but extends to the internal operation as well. He oversees all client services and new client integration. In addition, he is instrumental in the day-to-day decision-making and management of NetTel USA, Inc.
Mr. David P. Duryea - Executive Vice President

David started with in 1987 as a part-time collector. He has grown with the company and is now responsible for the entire Collection Department. David has held the position of VP since 1996, then owner in 2000. Prior to that he was a Senior Collection Manager for 6 years. David is responsible for the hiring, training, and production of all staff and the recovery percentages attained by them.
Benjamin Carroccio- General Manager

Ben has been with the Sunrise Family of Companies, including NetTel USA, for nearly a decade. He is a hands-on operations manager for the NetTel and is VP/General Counsel handling all of the Companies' legal and compliance issues. Mr. Carroccio has overseen the growth and success of NetTel since its inception and has personally managed all phases of NetTel's operations including hiring, training, scripting, personnel, management training and development, technology implementation and the like. Prior to joining the Sunrise Family of Companies, Ben was an accomplished trial attorney admitted to practice in New York and Connecticut handling all aspects of business litigation and resolution.

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